The leading programmatic buying platform in Latin America

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  • Massive inventory that reaches 95% of Internet users in Latam...

    Programmatic ad spend in Latin America will spike by 9,000% over the next 3 years: it will reach a total of $54 million by 2018.

  • Plus an easy-to-use platform that allows for sophisticated targeting and instant buys...

    Through MediaDesk's leading-edge technology, Latin American agencies can take advantage of of this investment flow—without investing anything themselves.

  • Translates into new revenues and efficiencies for agencies

    All they need to do is register and start using MediaDesk's simple system to run programmatic buying campaigns for their clients.

  • Local Currency

    Local Currency

    Buy in 5 local Latam currencies or in dollars—with no minimum investment nor any charge to use the platform.

  • Buy by audience

    Buy by audience

    With MediaDesk agencies can buy impressions by audience, targeting by demographics, purchase intent, interests and more.

  • Direct Connection

    Direct Connection

    Our propietary technology skips the middlemen and connects directly with the ad exchanges and the supply side playforms (SSP), which in turn can help with pricing.

  • Easy Implementation

    Easy Implementation

    A user-friendly interface lets you start and carry out campaigns quickly.

  • Massive Reach

    Massive Reach

    Access to more than 200 million monthly impressions in Latin America.

  • Access to Reports

    Access to Reports

    You'll get real-time reports so you can centralize all campaign variables.

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  • Inventory Sources

    1. Yahoo Ad Exchange
    2. Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google
    3. Rubicon
  • Technology Partners

    1. Amazon web services
    2. RTBkit
    3. Navegg
  • Commercialization

    1. US Media Consulting
  • MediaDesk Argentina
  • MediaDesk USA
  • MediaDesk Brasil
  • MediaDesk Mexico
  • MediaDesk Colombia
  • About Us

    MediaDesk is a DSP platform that was exclusively developed by US Media Consulting, a leader in media planning and online media buying in Latin America.

    Using our experience with the market and its needs, we created MediaDesk to custom-fit Latin American agencies and allow them to offer programmatic buying to their clients and therefore maximize their revenues.

  • Technology

    We built MediaDesk according to the guidelines set forth by the real time bidding community of RTBkit, a consortium of businesses that established a structure for operating with real time bidding (RTB) systems.

    MediaDesk is the only Latin American firm that is part of RTBkit, which includes members like Rubicon, Casale Media and other leading firms. This is because of the propietary RTB technology that we developed specifically for the Latin American market.

Ignacio Roizman

Chief Operation Officer

Emerson Calegaretti

Chief Product Officer

Salvador Calogero

Team Leader

Ariel Vila

Product Manager

Federico Kalos

Client Partner Manager

Hernan Cieri

Product Marketing Manager

Juan Pablo Suarez

Sales Director

Eduardo Cusa

Developer Java/.NET

Gabriel Bursztyn

Developer .NET

Adrian Catacora

Developer .NET

Ariel Sztejnberg

Developer C++

Fernando Elejanagoitia

QA Analyst

Federico Aguirre


Patricio Robbiano

Client Partner Analyst

Damián Hernandez

Client Partner Analyst

Milva Lopez

Sales Executive